Zero-fee, unlimited scale and stability offers a wide range of real-world applications. While the economy is open to every use case, we project that the first set of applications will focus on Microtransfers – from gaming to IOT. But added data immutability, security and privacy makes Tender ideal for business-critical use cases: accounting, financial reporting, remittances, payroll, exchanges.
Let’s look at some of the micro-transfer applications:


Tender will bring the first donation service that can do 1-cent donations. Without fees.


Players transact only the active stake and don't have to trust the application owner. Gains are immediately transferred.


IOT applications will not gain traction if their underlying transaction currency comes with a fee.


A recommendation engine powered by microdonation likes could replace flawed like and review-systems.


Why not make a micro-paywall? Users pay 1 cent per pageview. Or 10 cents per day.


Zero fee currency is ideal for in-game purchases and transfers.

Secure Email

Zero free transfers could finally bring the breakthrough for spam and security email services.

Streaming Money

Payroll by the minute. Microwork applications. Pay services by the second.

Triple Entry Accounting

Pacio will enable the Most Important Invention in the Last 500 Years, which is Triple Entry Accounting or TEA, to become the norm and thereby contribute to improving or even saving the world.

Really? Yes! Double entry accounting codified by Friar Pacioli in the 15th century was the invention that allowed global trade which has built the modern world and allowed societies to advance.

Yet despite the enormous success of double entry accounting and economies built on it, it is far from perfect, being subject to fraud, estimated at US$4 Trillion per annum for occupational or insider fraud alone, and requires expensive, complicated systems involving banks, auditors, and government regulators to function.

TEA can provide the next leap forward by greatly reducing opportunities for fraud and reducing the need for complex supporting systems, while improving trust which is in short supply in the world. That will help society as a whole to advance and to better confront the challenges ahead including global warming. (Human activity causing global warming can only be controlled or changed via successful redirected economies.) Thus TEA is the “Most Important Invention in the Last 500 Years”.

The Pacio article BlockchainTech: Can Triple Entry Accounting Save the World? expands on the story.

Target Average Rate Index - TARI®

TARI®, invented and developed by Accounting Professor, Dr Keith Cleland, and his IT partner Trevor Watters, Pacio co-founders, has been shown to significantly boost the bottom line of businesses, large and small, some dramatically so. Pacio will provide a TARI® Service for a fee to handle all the mechanics, to allow business apps to easily incorporate TARI® to improve their offerings and thereby provide real business improvement help.

Apps using Pacio TARI® can handle all the normal processes of business – invoices, quotes, direct sales – plus via Tender have the ability to handle relevant IoT devices feeding in data at an enormous rate. This will all work automatically with the help of AI systems for front end applications to make it all easy, transparent, automatic, and business transforming.

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