How Tender Currency Works

Tender has specific features that set it apart from other digital currencies:

  • zero cost (micro)transfers
  • high transaction bandwidth (billions of tps)
  • non-volatility through dynamic supply
  • validation within seconds
  • optionally revocable
  • support of multiple fiat currencies - users work with e.g. Tender$ or Tender€
  • fiat currency gateways

Creating Stability

Tender will be a transactional network with a stable currency and no speculative element. Tender counters speculation with dynamic money supply where change in demand is mirrored by a change of the amount of money in circulation. The Tender system achieves stability by keeping the right amount of money in circulation to meet current demand.

Multicurrency use

Having one digital currency –Tender – comes with one disadvantage: it doesn’t really appeal to humans who are used to thinking in their national currency. For a good user experience, it is desirable to show transactions in the user’s chosen currency.

The Pacio solution is to use multiple digital currencies in the economy to mirror the national fiat currencies required by app developers. Initially, there will be Tender$ and Tender€, with additional currencies to be added via a governance vote when the market (one or more developers) calls for it.

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