Tender is the first collaborative open economy.

Tender is the economy that connects a multitude of applications, services and communities with each other and with users from all over the globe.

The economy will be based on cooperation and will favour transactions over speculation. It will also act as a funding mechanism for existing and future applications.

The economy revolves around a zero-fee true peer-2-peer digital currency on top of the Holochain/Pacio Decentralised Ledger Technology.

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Holochain/Pacio DLT

A growing number of experts share our view that blockchains cannot and will not be able to handle real-world application transaction requirements. All current attempts to increase TPS (Transactions Per Second) will eventually hit a limit. Holochain has found a new approach to DLT which Pacio builds on for its economy.

Tender Currencies

A digital currency will only be universally adopted if it comes with these traits: Free transactions, stable price, mirroring user's national fiat currency in value. Pacio has created this currency.